Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picky Eaters, this one's for you!

okay, i think an apology is long overdue.

i don't know what happened to my work ethic, but it obviously went to a very dark place.

but, i have retrieved it.
so here we go.


First and foremost, I owe an enormous apology to the wonderful company MixMyGranola.
Because they sent me a sample, and I inhaled it.
And I loved it.

And then I never blogged about it, as I had dropped of the face of the blog-world.

So, I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their generosity, and beg their forgiveness, as well as sing their praises from my internet rooftop, because this concept is sheer genius.

I don't know how many of you are picky eaters, like myself. But I have spent far too much time in life picking out the "weird" things from granola mixes, or trying to "just eat the m&ms". Foolish, I know. But whatever, I like my granola the way I like it.

Well, on this website- which is so appropriately named MixMyGranola-
you can pick and choose your base and mix-ins to effectively create your Perfect Granola.
Whether you're a health nut or a sweet-fiend, they have options you will love.

So here is what you do-

*You click on the link above, or go to www.mixmygranola.com.
*Then you choose from 4 base mixes.
I chose french vanilla.
*Then you choose your ingredients from 4 categories- fruits, nuts/seeds, extras, and enhancers (new!), each with a wide variety to choose from.
I chose dried raspberries
organic banana chips
dried sweetened cranberries
roasted almonds
flax seed
chocolate mini morsels
oat bran flakes
and honey smacks!
because I fall more into the sweet-fiend category than the health nut one, haha.

*And finally, you name your one-of-a-kind mixture and submit the order.
Mine is dubbed "Happily Ever After" because it was sweet enough for dessert- the perfect ending to my day!

My 16oz. canister of fresh, sweet, crunchy, DELICIOUS granola arrived at my doorstep just two days later, and shipping was free!

Husbear and I polished off the entire 16 oz in record time. Oops. But let me tell you, it was something to behold. The ingredients were fresh and not stale, and every bite was as good as the last. It was amazing in milk like cereal, over yogurt, or by the handful!

So do these amazing geniuses a favor and head over to the website to get your paws on your very own creation! YUM!!

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