Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a giveaway and a threat.

there's a woman named april who has the kind of life i want.

a sugar daddy, two beautiful children, a lovely home, a wardrobe from anthropologie, and a freaking craft/jewelry studio.
oh and long red hair that i covet day and night.

but she also has a blog. and it is GORGEOUS.

and now she is holding a giveaway.
let it be known that the only reason i am posting about this giveaway is to up my chances of winning. hey, at least i'm being honest, right?
and seriously, if any of you win it instead of me, i will get violent.
i have been known to take out mothers for pillows and spoons.
now that you have been warned/threatened, i will reveal the details of the giveaway.

from suaviloquy:

Ebsi is giving away a
free custom blog template
to one of my readers. A template that no one else will have. It will be yours, all yours. Here's the catch. You must leave a comment, just one please, telling the Brother's why they should pimp your blog. If you blog about this giveaway, we'll give ya more consideration than the non-blogger abouters. Fair is fair. A winner will be selected on the morning of February 10th. You'll be SOL if you don't get your comment in by then.

so. go comment, but please make sure your comment is lame and boring.
because i really, really want this.

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