Tuesday, May 18, 2010

friends in high places.

Last night we went out for Husbear's older brother Matt's 31st birthday dinner [it took me like eleven tries make this sentence grammatically correct].
I told my boss we wanted a great steak dinner, and she called up her BFF who's married to the owner of this place and we suddenly had reservations for 4 at 8pm.

We sat in the best seat.
We were served by the Maitre'D.
We got a table of free appetizers, including a dry aged meat plate, chicken liver pate (which was not my cup of tea, but was rapidly consumed by the others), pickled vegetables, giant cheesy popovers, and gruyere grilled cheese topped with bacon.
We ordered a tasty Malbec and the biggest, juiciest steaks of our lives.
We ate roasted asparagus and giant stuffed tomatoes and buttery morel mushrooms.
We asked for a couple of desserts and our table was filled with carrot cake with ginger ice cream, little chewy chocolate cookies, ricotta cheesecake, peanut butter chocolate mousse with banana, warm chocolate torte, lemon-blueberry meringue... all "compliments of the House".
We paid the bill (we only had to pay for what we ordered).
We took a cab home because we couldn't walk.

It was such a magnificent night. It felt amazing to be able to let our family experience that, with us along for the ride.

Oh, and they gave us the recipe for the popovers.
I'll be trying my hand at those, and soon.
Our last couple of months here in the city are coming together quite nicely.

(psst...thanks again, Carolyn!)


  1. I want your life! Last night I had PBJ for dinner, seriously.

  2. I don't know who commented that, but my usual dinner fare is PBJ or a nice fancy bowl o' cereal, ha. I won't judge!

  3. omg that food sounds AMAZING.

  4. Wow, I am so hungry and you are so lucky!!


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