Monday, January 26, 2009

new treasures!

i stopped by bed bath & beyond this evening on my way to pick up a bunch of hand-me-down clothing from a super-fashionable pal of mine (woohoo!!) and snagged some cute things.
figured i'd post them here.

new measuring cups, as all of our old ones seems to have disappeared.
measuring cups

bear cupcake holders! because the mister and i collect anything grizzly, in case you were unaware.
bear cups
i'm also excited about these, because i can double my baking capacity with these, as they don't require a muffin tin. i can just set them on a baking sheet and let 'em rise!

a small beginner's set of icing bags and tips, to make my creations even lovelier.
icing tips

can't wait to use these!

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