Monday, January 26, 2009

on being broke, the arizona cardinals, and starbucks.

so, i am totally excited about this blog, in case you can't tell.
4 posts in one day? unheard of.


i just wanted to say that i work pretty late during the week, so most often i don't get to do any cool baking or cooking in the evenings. i'm just way too exhausted.
for example, tonight dan and i shared a can of vegetarian black bean chili. a CAN. gross. actually, not that gross, but still.
i can't wait until i have heaps of money to buy cool groceries to play with and all the time in the world to put them together. but i'm a real girl, with a real crazy job, so it's just not feasible.

this weekend i am hosting a Souperbowl Party.
i will be trying a recipe for Cheddar Broccoli soup, and if the funds and time allow, i'd like to make some breadbowls for it. this might not happen, because i'm still not sure exactly how many people will be showing up. it's starting to sound like more than i can afford to provide anything fancier than plastic bowls for. oops!
if i don't do breadbowls, i'm going to whip up a batch of cheesey biscuits...mmm! might be cheese overkill, but to me there is no such thing.
also, i'll be trying elle sawa's recipe for bbq tofu bites, and perhaps some eggplant balls, among other treats, as appetizers.
still deciding on a cupcake idea.
anyway, i'm posting this to let you all know that as soon as i can, i will be posting recipes and pictures of these endeavors.

in other news, on my walk home this evening, i walked past a starbucks and was struck with the idea of making some sort of soy chai latte cupcake!

what do you think??


  1. if you make soy chai latte cupcakes i will fly to new york and eat the entire batch myself.

    i'm not even kidding. i am not above traveling for food.

    and i know good conversation would be involved before/after/during the eating as well!


  2. ps - there really is no such thing as cheese overload.

    it's like you are my food soulmate.

  3. I am just about to send you the eggplant ball recipe! :-)

    I love soy chai lattes from starbucks. i would most definitely enjoy a soy chai latte cupcake!

  4. eggplant is very tricky to cook have to prepare it (get all the water out) before you do anything with it which involves salt, paper towels and a strainer I believe. Not that sure, only did it once.


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