Monday, February 16, 2009


i haven't cooked in a while, unless you count the amazing box-mix cupcakes I made for Husbear and friends while upstate celebrating Valentine's Day over the weekend.
while they were delicious (strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting, mmmmmm!), they were not a recipe by any means.

but Husbear made a delicious noteworthy meal that I will share with you.

there's no recipe, just some yummy ingredients thrown together in a skillet.

he heated olive oil over the stove, then added LOTS of fresh chopped garlic and salt & pepper.
when the garlic was brown, he added some spices (most likely oregano and parsley, i don't think he quite knows!) and tossed it with some angel hair pasta, and served with buttery garlic bread. YUM. i loved how crispy the little garlic pieces were. i bet this would be amazing tossed with some shrimp (but honey is a vegetarian, so those were obviously left out.)

that is all.
and it was delicious, and so is he.

our valentine's day was delightful, by the way.
terra and i made some roasted potatoes and roasted garlic broccoli and a side salad, which we served with the juicy NY strip steaks and portabello mushroom caps the boys grilled up.
then we all settled in by the fire to enjoy the company and the food.

pictures to come, as soon as we get them from terra.


  1. oh my gosh. strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting? that sounds delicious. i would like to make some. with chunks of strawberry thrown in. mmmmmmmmmmm!


  2. That pasta sounds so good! You're making me crave some right now =)

  3. Obnoxious education alert!

    For future reference you should always add herbs and spices at the end of the cooking process. In this case after the garlic has caramelized and after the pasta has been added. The flavor will not cook off as much this way.
    But if you're using whole spices you want to add them in the beginning but only via a bouquet garni (aromatics tied together with string) or sachet d'epice (bag of spices - cheesecloth or something) and removed before serving.

    Secondly, an herb is the leafy portion of the plant while the woody portions (stem, seeds, fruits, roots, etc) are the spices. So oregano and parsley are herbs


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